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EU NeuGRID for you (N4U) Project

N4U project aimed to deliver the "Google for brain imaging". In N4U, neuroscientists worldwide are offered a fully functional virtual laboratory where to analyze the image databases on persons with neurodegenerative diseases, algorithm tools to extract diagnostic and progression tracking markers. 

Provision of Large-scale Data Storage, Data Processing and Data Retrieval Services.

The data volume comprised over two hundred thousand clinical images of 19 Datasets containing 39 Assessments, and over 10 million associated clinical variables data.



Leadership and Development of a large-scale integrated data management solution called Data Atlas / Analysis Base, ETL, improvement in data quality, implementation of advanced data retrieval tool and algorithms. 

New imaging technologies significantly affect diagnostic and prognostic accuracy and facilitate progress towards the cure of brain diseases, in particular Alzheimer's Disease. However, the impact of these new technologies largerly depends on the speed and reliability with which the imaging data can be visualized, analyzed and interpreted.